Flowable silicone silliness

The error I made was probably on not put it inside the recess with a syringe as I used to do (I was just very curious to try it) and then I used the credit card but didn’t smooth out properly cause the application was bad fore sure.
I will try again when I receive the syringe (I had to order them from amazon as in Uk seems impossible to buy a syringe without people looking at you like a criminal)

The way I’ve been doing it is to get the recess full then I actually use my finger and just for all the way around. Wipe off the excess. It’s messy but it’s turning out nice


It eventually smooth out a little bit playing it around 4/5 hours but I think I will do it in another yoyo just to go back on track with siliconing, I have been lazy for long using the standard pads but the response of the silicone is the best for me.
Today I will receive the syringe and do it on a Yoyofactory R-type that I use a lot

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Nice! I need to do more too

If there are two things I have in modern yoyo it’s OD 10-Ball Flats, and Snow Tires. Which is a bummer because I love OD and CLYW, lol. Just flowed some clear permatex into my mostly-new Manatee. We’ll see tomorrow how I did but it looks pretty good right now!


Thank you, that’s flowable in the picture (monkey snot) its way easier to work with, you should get better results with the syringe. Dylan has some good tips here How to silicone any yoyo tutorial. Best response system for your yo-yo - YouTube

And this is exactly how I do the monkey snot How to apply flowable silicone YoYo Monkey SNOT Tutorial Best response for your yo-yo - YouTube

Lookin’ good

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Thanks! After a brief cleanup of the bearing seat, this Manatee is like a whole new yoyo! Why TF would anyone ever use snow tires?

They make throws and binds feel good. I’m not sure if you’re bothered by flush response pads or 21mm response, if you flow silicone into a 21mm response groove you’re still getting the feel of 21mm response. If you’re conflating snow tires as just being a smaller than normal gap width, then yeah a silicone recess will give you a wider gap.

I’ve siliconed almost all of my 19mm response size yoyos but I’ve left my CLYWs alone because I like how snow tires feel.

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Yeah I figured that was the answer, and to each their own! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; give me slippy or give me death. I’d rather bind 6 times on purpose than once on accident haha.