flowable silicone idea

has anyone ever aded a little bit of food coloring to clear flowable silicone? :o

if not you guys should try it and share your results

ps i cant try because i dont have any flowable silicone ;D

I don’t think it would actually “mix” properly. Not like in water…

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its worth a try :smiley:

Nickm did it back in '09. It gives interesting results, but I wouldn’t want to put that much effort into it.

That would be so awesome! ;D If somebody can find or take a picture please post it. Thanks :o

My guess is that it would not mix due to the chemical properties of the silicone. What you will end up with is glops of color in the glue.

stir well

Won’t matter. Food dye is water based. Silicone and water are not compatible.

Not all food dye is water-based. There are plenty of dry food colorings out there.

Regardless, I think it would take far too much work to be done effectively. I also think it would not be the ideal coloring material to add to silicone.

It seems to me that clear flowable silicone would work just fine in any transparent or semi-transparent plastic yoyo(or the area for the response being in this part of the plastic) and white would be fine for pretty much everything else, ASSUMING that flowable silicone comes in white or clear. I’m too lazy to see if there’s a rainbow of flowable silicone colors.

For Flowable Silicone, I’ve only found it in Clear. As for Colors, I’ve found an RTV Silicone that has Red, Black, and a Transparent Blue (which is a nice color and I use Myself.) Um… I haven’t done an extensive search or anything like that; there could be a White Silicone and I’m sure there is, I just haven’t found it. Um… As for the Food Coloring :-\ I don’t know, I don’t think it would work and if it did it’s probably to much work. If you wanted to spend that much time on your Silicone, More Power To Ya. I was think you might have better luck with:

  1. Use Clear Flowable or RTV Silicone (not sure never tried) and Fill your Recess area oohhhhh aaaaa… About Half or a Little Under a Half and let Dry as per Package Instructions

  2. And if your spending this much Time with your Silicone. Then while Silicone Drys, Go to your Local Hobby Store or Arts n Crafts Store and because your spending alot of time on this project you want to get the Good Stuff. So Get some good Model Paint or a Paint thats Obviously not Water Base and a Couple nice Paint Brushes, you want 1 good Detail Brush (Fine Tip) and 1 Good Fill Brush (not a super big one But big enough to Fit in the Recess Area yet not big enough to Touch the Walls of the Recess). Also you might want to get a little bottle of Paint Thinner to clean the Brush or if you have and use Mineral Spirits to Clean your Bearings, than you can also use it to Clean Your Brushes.

  3. Now your Silicone should be Dried by now. So you wanna take and Paint with nice Smooth Even Strokes onto the Newly Dried Silicone in the Recess Area. Completely Cover the whole area in the Recess with a Thin layer (2nd Coat if Needed). Let Dry

  4. Now that the Paint is Dried, Take your Clear Flowable Silicone and Finish Siliconing the Recess to Top it off and Call it A Day, lol. Let Dry

Now if everything went According to Plan, Then the Color of the Paint should Show Through the Clear Silicone if not make the Silicone Look like the Color you Painted in the Middle of the Silicone job. It’s almost like your Framing the Color with Silicone.

I have Never Tried this, it is just an Idea for those who like to Spend Tons of time on Siliconing their Throws. It sounds Cool and Like it Could Work, Never know and if someone does happen to try this Post Up some Pics if you do.

Who cares what color it is anyway…

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Thats kinda what I was wondering when I 1st replied to this post, lol. You can’t see it when your playing anyways, all that matters is if it does it’s job. Other then that all else that matters is the BEARING there John, lol j/k but seriously it’s silicone who cares. :-\


Oh, come on! That takes all the fun out of it. Self-leveling!

This thread is ridiculous. There is no reason to spend so much time coloring silicone. While the responses are appreciated I think using dyes or paint to achieve a certain color is a huge waste of time and resources. That’s just my opinion though. Don’t mean to offend anyone.

Dollar stores, Wal mart, and Lowes or Home depot all have a plethora of different silicone products. For instance I use Black RTV and DAP Glass sealant (clear) The different color RTV’s are used to signify different temperature tolerances and uses. They all work fine as a response system. A tube of RTV or other glass sealant or gasket maker will last you for a long time. The tube of DAP I have has siliconed my throws at least 20 times and I’ve had it for a year now.

for the most part, you don’t even see your response.unless your taking it apart, you never even see it

I agree that color is a waste of time. It’s inside, nobody sees it.

For me for now, I’m happy buying replacement response items. Just quicker and easier.