Flowable Silicone...all metal throws? how to improve the grip?

i’ve siliconed my CLYW, for some reason it works amazingly well, it’s grips fine and the silicone stays in place for a long period of use…

but asian throws usually have thinner response “circles” and the silicone doesn’t hold that well…worst case scenario is rips in a day or two.

what can i do to improve the grip? i heard of using sandpaper in the groove can help…


in your experience, do any of the following throws work well with silicone?
Yoyo Factory throws, Something byyoyoaddict throws (like an anglam)

thanks for your help/recommendations

Deeper grooves tend to hold silicone much better. I’ve never had any trouble with One Drop yoyos with flow groove response or CLYW stuff - they have deep grooves. Sanding the recess on yoyos with shallow response grooves can help, in my experience, but they can still rip out.

ok …sooo nothing else we can do? cause there is no way i’m buying response pads ever, no money prob, it’s just i like the idea of being independent and siliconing myself…if you know what i mean

i got a few shallow response grooves, that includes God Tricks and Turning point throws
(i’m scared with the Something throw i bought> cause it’s also asian! someone tell me they have bigger grooves please XD ?)

i’m guessing asian player don’t use silicone at all…unless they purchase Western throws

It’s been my experience and observation that the brand/type of silicone you use plays a role in how well the silicone will stay put.

I have never had a problem with “Permatex” flowable, like the type they sell here at YYE.
I would also mention “Monkey Snot” silicone by MonkeyFinger. It’s a little bit different because it comes in different colors, but I feel that it’s a superior silicone product.

These two brands have not given me any issues with even shallow grooves,…thus far at least.

i get you…but…i too only use permatex XD

Thinking back to what I’ve had to silicone, it’s been really mostly “western” and “european” yoyos. CLYW’s and MFD’s, YYFs, YYJ’s and other stuff. However, I’ve siliconed SOME Asian stuff, mostly Aoda and Audley, and they are playing amazing. I haven’t done my Magic yoyos yet.

I think part of it is the product, but you’re using the same product. Is yours old or new? Are you scraping out the excess? Are you removing the bubbles? Are you waiting a full 24 hours for the silicone to cure? This lack of waiting seems to be the biggest problem area.

Most yoyos seem to use a fairly standard depth.

I agree with not wanting to buy pads, but you may have to limit yourself a tad since some are so thin that you either have to use pads or send them out to have the response recess deepened.

If your yoyos are metal, clean out the recesses with mineral spirits, acetone or alcohol and completely get rid of any adhesives left behind. If plastics, DO NOT use acetone as it will “melt” most plastics.

I think the only time I had a problem with flowable was my DM2, but I was using a super rough string that was just eating the response to death. The other was my Fiesta XX, which based on how much pressure is placed on the response pad, one tore out after an hour of heavy play. I also chalk that up to the body being celcon and the silicone not sticking well to it. So, because of that, for certain off-strings, I’m going “pads only”, which will most likely be my celcon and delrin off-strings. However, I will try to silicone an off-string when the time comes just to see if it will or won’t work out well.

i wait the full 24hrs, make sure no big bubbles are in the way and recess the response with an old credit card… i know about the acetone effect too,

the permatex used was new and kept in the fridge …so the problem only lies withing the response.

anyone siliconed an ANGLAM /angle/superfly ect… before?

I don’t keep mine in the fridge and it’s working fine. The tube I bought over 2 years ago is starting to run low. I might be able to get 3-5 more yoyos done out of it. I do have a fresh tube waiting for me though.

I have trouble siliconing my magic yoyo t5, seems that there isn’t as much room for the silicone to stick