(Jei Cheetah) #1

Flow, take the time to just stop, ignore all influences, ignore what seems to be “right” and do whatever the hay you want.

Im not talking about how smooth your trick is, Im talking about letting yourself flow. Not having a plan on where the hay you are going. Just throwing, forgetting whatever concept you may have been working on, inspirations from others, everything. Block that stuff out, and just start yoyoing. You won’t remember most of what you do, but sometimes you’ll surprise yourself and get something crazy.

Block everything out and just focus on the yoyo, the feel of the string. You shouldn’t have to look, feel the motion of the yoyo, what gravity and centrifugal force causes the elements to do. Work with forces, work with nature, let it flow.

Try it sometimes

You may find that this opens up a whole new world of yoyoing to what you thought was yoyoing to you.

Just flow.



This is the reason I can’t remember my best tricks…


This idea just gave me an amazing combo. Thank you!

(Jei Cheetah) #4

Glad to be of service.
As I am just that awesome.


This is what happens whenever i yoyo

(DOGS) #6

Been doing this since forever. Crank your tunes and throw.

Other times, DO focus on that concept, have an end goal. Just don’t get too absorbed when you really shouldn’t.


That is truth

I just filmed my new combo. I’ll try to post it.


This is a pretty rough video, but here it is.


Sorry about the low quality.

(Jei Cheetah) #9

Nice flow there.

Keep it up bro, flow will truly take you places.

See people, I give good advice,

Follow my advice, and you’re gonna go far.

Be legit.



I couldn’t agree more.


That’s the whole reason I got into yoyo. Once I get there, I’m gonna be one happy guy. I got into this whole thing as a way to relax and de-stress, and sure, I have to work hard to get “flow”, but I’m still having fun every single step of the way.

I got a long way to go. That just means more to look forward to and more fun between now and then.


Fantastic advice, Jayyo.

I gotta try this.


You always giving awesome advice jayyo.

You are who you are.

I gonna go throw.