i think floaty is a matter of opinion for many people and cant be put down as fact.

for me it is this particular feeling i get from playing a yoyo that tends to have alot of a fun character on the string. It may not have the refined feel of a true competition yoyo, but it is a yoyo that has more character and just is a blast to use.

This may be totally different then what many others say what floaty is, but this is what i stick to and know.


It’s just a Game of Thrones reference, Yoyordy. I dont’ really think you know nothing. :wink:

Hollow-feeling is my best description of it. For instance, some yo-yo’s weigh a lot however they still feel hollow and therefore play like lighter yo-yos.

It’s almost a hollow-bouncy kinda feel.

There it is, hollow was the word that I think it feels like

just checking in to see if there is an answer yet. Ill come back in 5 more pages and check again :stuck_out_tongue:

Summit is floaty

Well, based on the last four pages, here’s what we have so far:



1. how this Yo-Yo feels


I always think floaty as less rim weight.
The amount of time a yoyo “floats” in the air is silly, because they are pretty much the same (if you ignore wind which is pretty much have little to no effect on yoyos). Gravity is basically a constant acceleration downward to the earth, about 10m/s^2, it doesn’t say anything about mass or volume, why? because simply when anything fall it will consistently accelerates downward 10m/s^2 (if wind is not taken into account).
The simplest way to understand this is imagine a small car and a big truck, both accelerates at 10m/s^2, which one accelerates faster?
Another analogy, a piece of metal weights 100g, a log of wood weights 100g, which one is heavier?

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I am curious where you guys think the cascade and chief both fall under this spectrum…

Such a hypocrite… I want to let this word die, but I’mma participate anyhow… :wink: I just like talking about yoyos…

Cascade with Ultra-Lights is on the floaty side of things. The mid weight and low overall weight contribute.

Chief is on the floatier side of “standard” for me. It’s not solid/heavy by any stretch but it’s also not the floatiest thing on earth.

Both are awesome.

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I don’t think hollow is a good term. To me the Chief feels hollow, but that just makes it feel cheap and meh, not floaty. Floaty to me is more like a bounciness, lightness.

It’s pure speculation/opinion but helium filled balloons feel very “floaty” to me.

Anvil’s, piano’s, and Sally Struthers seem to have the opposite effect.

I tried to give an answer… Apparently it’s not good enough.

Some poet or philosopher get in on this and give us a perfect definition plz

Just remember something. If you guys decide to do your own self testing about which of your yoyos is ‘higher in float value’, remember to use the SAME string on every Yoyo.

Let’s say you open up your Yoyo bag and decide to throw 8 different yoyos in a row. Maybe a minute or two each. And then kinda calculate the order of Float for those 8 yoyos.

You can get a lot better ‘handle’ on which is a floater and which is a sinker, if you use the same string.

The string is an integral part of your initial perception/feeling of Float, when the Yoyo hits the bottom of the string on the throw down.

Especially if you take yoyos out of your bag that you play often and constantly change the strings. And compare them to a few yoyos you have in your active bag but seldom throw and even less often change the strings.

The yoyos with the fresher strings will hit softer on the throw down and move from segment to segment smoother because of the softer sensation from the flex of the newer string.

If you go from a Yoyo with a bouncy string to another with a Dead string, it will screw up your actual judgement.

Fresh bouncy string won’t necessarily make a slug of a Yoyo, Floaty. But a Dead string will make a clunkier Yoyo feel even less Floaty on the string.

So if you compare yoyos(in a row) just keep the string on your finger and put it around the next Yoyo in your testing.

Best results in almost any form of testing are achieved from only changing one factor at a time.

Here is a mini test<> get the oldest string you have and put it on a Yoyo and throw it around for 3 minutes. Then get a brand new string… Like a Kitty string for example(plenty of initial stretch in a new kitty string) and put the new string on the Yoyo. Then play the Yoyo again for 3 minutes.


I call this one… “The Rock”:
"A rock, if throw into a lake,
will sink right to the deepest bed.

But tie a string unto this rock,
and you will find it floats instead."

I feel that everything should now be clear.

I decided that in order to find the answer, we had to go back to the beginning. Turns out the first use of the word “float” to describe the play of a yoyo on the YYN forums was on April 3, 2006. In describing the Yoyofactory 401k Espionage:

So there we have it, the birth of floaty. The 401K Espionage must now become the yard stick for float, the scale by which all others are measured. Perhaps the reason why yyfben2 is so coy about the whole thing is that he secretly knew all along that YYF invented float… well Ben, I’m afraid the secret is out! :stuck_out_tongue:

Float - The degree to which a yoyo plays like the Yoyofactory 401k Espionage.




I doubt that. I think Ben genuinely feels that it is an ambiguous term that won’t ever be properly defined.

I swear this forum is a humor vacuum or something, everyone takes things so seriously


Back on topic:

Floaty is…

Fast 201
Leviathan 5