floaty yoyo

few terminology questions what is a float yoyo?
and what do ppl mean by technical tricks?

A “floaty” yoyo is a yoyo that feels very light on the string. IMO you have to be very careful when using the term “floaty” because what you perceive as “floaty” can be totally different than what another person thinks as “floaty” so it could lead some people off track.

Technical tricks are tricks that involve many strings in intricate formations.(I think. U will have to check with someone else.)

Hope this helps!

Yeah, a floaty yoyo will feel more like it “floats” compared to other yoyos.

That’s right; technical tricks are ones that involve a lot of complicated string formations and movements.

I believe that I catagorically answered this question a while ago:

If that ain’t enough for you, then look here:


If it’s information on float that you want, then that’s the place.

Simply put, nobody knows what float is, and nobody knows if it truly exists or not.  :stuck_out_tongue: