Floaty Spheres (Counterweights) Sponsor/ Testers/ Contest!

Hey everybody! I would like to announce a contest, but not just any contest, I will pick 3 people to test the new Floaty Spheres. If you get picked, you earn a sponsorship, get to test all the new stuff, and have a great time with them! The rules are simple, just make a 5A video! And one more thing, write a review :stuck_out_tongue: . Good Luck, and PM or post, whatever your heart leads you too, good luck everyone!!! You won’t be disappointed, after I get all the testers figured out and we have everything until its perfect, they will be for sale.

Contest ends August 20th

also, trades are nice too! For string and/or counterweights or whatever you can think of

Wait, so you test floaty spheres, make a vid and review. And the three best people with the review and vid get sponsored?

i would like to join but idk i think abyss has pland to sponsor me but now im flow sponsored by them but ill pm him…

i cant see the pic! can you put it up somewhere else or is it on gizzyos profile?

You make a video, the 3 best videos earn a sponsor from me and test them before anyone else, then we all see if they need any work, and all 3 will write a review, then theyll be for sale!

Wouldn’t you rather have people test them and finalize the product. And the have a team?

Anywho, I would test them. But I don’t have editing software.


the pic link isnt right! look

ughhh :frowning: i tried alot of different stuff, im cbaxt98 on photobucket and chase baxter on facebook, search chase baxter and my pic says detroit tigers, its under mobile uploads, sorry :-\

I’d rather have the team test them, signature edition floaty spheres too :stuck_out_tongue:

what shapes do you guys want? dice, balls, others? post below what you want in a counterweight, and we’ll try our best make it as the customers please

dices are good. Could we make a 1a and 5a video.

You sure can :wink:

if you did dices i would join

how will everyone get to review them if your picking 3 people to test them

when do we get the video in? i will have a 1a/5a video.

heres his pic! i got a yellow one and made a hole and it was too heavy i got a smaller ball smaller than theese and it was still too heavy http://i988.photobucket.com/albums/af6/cbaxt98/utf-8BSU1HMDAwNTEtMjAxMDA3MjUtMTUzMi5qcGc.jpg

we will have dice too! hopefully if my friend cooperates, one thing i forgot to say is the holes are hand turned instead of useing a drill, which make the holes better, also there is weight taken of these too, where the holes are, theres weight taken off by it being carven

Are u selling counterweights or something?

Videos by august 20th and the 3 people will review them after we have the people beign sponsored, i already have 1 sponsor and potentially another, just waiting for videos to be up! It will be a blast after everyhting, packs will probaly be 2 balls and 2 dice

when we make the video do we post it here or send you a link

whatever you would like, either is fine, post here if you wanna show off i guess ::slight_smile: