Flat bearings?

Hi guys! I have been having some extreme kickback midway through some of my tricks (the yoyo kind of binds back to my hand mid-trick). I did some research and found that the center trac bearings I have been using are the cause. Does anyone have any great flat bearings or just any other bearing that doesn’t kickback like that? Thanks!

Onedrop 10 ball. Best flat bearing around

AIGR’s are arguably better than 10 balls IMO, but both are fantastic.

Why would the center track be the cause? Does it need a cleaning?

what you are saying doesn’t make any sense, please try to explain?

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In my somewhat limited experience, I’ve always found that kickback was due to the gap being wide. However, if your yoyo played fine before, that would probably not be the case, nor would the bearing issue make it appear all of a sudden. If it was always there on that yoyo it is probably due to the gap size and you need to adjust your throw to account for it.

But re-reading your post, I believe my definition of kickback and yours are wildly different. What you are describing is response, not kickback. Kickback would be as when you throw a sleeper, and rather than the yoyo string being vertical at the end, it swings BACK behind you, thus the name kickBACK.

“Snaggy” or “responsive” are the words you’re looking for, kickback is when the gap is too wide and or the rim is too heavy, causing the yoyo to unroll slower than it swings.
And… it’s either a dirty bearing which is easy fix, or the trick you’re attempting actually rolls the string causing it to catch and bind, that one can only be fixed by a lot of practice.

Your likely looking at the wrong end of the string for the problem. :wink:

I feel like this might be the string bunching myth that some people say happen with curved bearings. I have found this to be completely false and if I am addressing the correct point a flat bearing will not help.

It still happens with my Popstar (flat bearing) for a reason I didn’t know, until just now… most likely it’s the string because it’s the only yoyo I had with the stock Yyf string and it’s the only one who does that. I’ll confirm later when I swap the string, for now I’m literally sick and don’t feel like touching my yoyos…

If you’re still looking for a flat bearing, I second the one drop 10 ball. They’e cheap and work great.

What are those grooved bearings called? The sort you get in crucial yoyos

Crucial Grooved Bearings.

Simplez. Dumb question