Flash Card App


I’d like to make some music flashcards for myself and my students. I want to able to add sound files. I used to have a great program on an old PocketPC, but that’s gone the way of the dinosaur.

Looking, there are so many flashcard makers, and it seems not many of them let you do that. Seems the new trend is to have a text to speech engine read the cards, but obviously that won’t work for this.

I know this might not be my best shot at finding what I’m looking for, but it’s the forum I post to now…

Anybody know of an Android app that will do what I need?

I think I can do it with PowerPoint, but I’m not experienced at that. If I used PP, is it easy to drill? Does it randomize, and utilize the Leitner System?





I think that will do the job for sure! Interface is a bit clunky, but it was with the one I used in the past as well. You really saved me a lot of research time.

Thanks so much!