Fishycopter (Josh Yee x Alda Chow)

Colab video featuring Alda Chow and Josh Yee.

Recently engaged!

If you have not heard of Alda before, check out her 1A vid “Go RAWR” on youtube!
She is quickly becoming an insanely awesome thrower and working on 5A and 4A quite a bit too!


Thanks for watching!


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?? !

Nice video, and congrats on the engagment.

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is she related to john chow?

Nope, different Chow’s

Cool video Josh. Loved the stack trick at the end. :slight_smile:

This was an epic vid. Good job to both of you!!! And I really like your t-shirts!

Wait, who’s engaged with who??

that trick with the hubs is amazing… what do you call it??? ???

No hubstacks in that trick actually. Just the sliding rim of the yoyo. Don’t have a name for it really, just a random trick I do.


so you and alda are engaged? ???

It is been awhile since I have seen a video of that caliber. Awesome. Plus, Fishycopter=WIN ;D BTW, what was the name of the song?


The song is “fearless” from falling up.


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man that was awesome!! and congrats on the engagment :slight_smile: