First yoyo you ever made yourself

Whats the first yoyo you made yourself?

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This is the first yoyo I made myself. I can’t find a better picture of it at this point.

It was made out of radiata pine with a 6mm Tasmaian oak axle.

It had very high walls, and a lot of marks around the rim where I burnt it and crushed the grain from making it with a circle cutter and router. It was poorly glued and shoddily sanded.

It weighed about 25g.


First proto Quint


That looks so good :heart_eyes:
Does it play how you expected?


The proto played heavier than I thought it would. I wasn’t surprised as it was the first yoyo I ever designed. I worked with the machinist after that and the production run came out exactly as I envisioned. Still one of my favorite yoyo moments :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


“made” isn’t quite right… I designed it and ordered prototypes from a machine shop. 11 were made, I still have two of them and I play both.

7075 aluminum, 8mm axle, C bearing (center trac), bead blasted and anodized.
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