First Snow

First snow of the winter, and my first video. Kinda short, but oh well. Feedback is appreciated!

Great vid! but you didn’t look all too happy to be there :wink:

This was after an hour in the cold, practicing everything. Wasn’t exactly the happiest person. I’ll try to smile more next vid!

It looked awesome loved the snow on the ground though it looked like it was melting :frowning: poor snow



Wearing those shirt and hat in NY, you’ll be hated haha :wink:


My thoughts exactly ;D





Bumping it cuz I need a reminder that I suck and should practice more.

You suck and need more practice.

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Thanks. I needed that.

Of course you did…

He actually needed it twice.

You suck and need more practice.

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I love the video ASL. You got it crystal clear too, great background for a yo-yo video. You yo-yo fast too, great job. I think you look great! Keep them coming, I’d like to see you make more of them. :slight_smile:

Thanks! Umm, this is probably a dumb question, but what does ASL mean?

I most certainly will not be providing you negative reinforcement. I think this is a great first…or tenth video. Motivation to practice is much easier to offer:

You are extremely good. You have all the hope in the world. If you stunk…well, it’s still worth practicing…but it won’t necessarily amount to much. Your future efforts, however, are sure to be rewarded.