First Run Bonfire ($80) and some boxes


Hey guys, it’s been awhile. But I am here to sell off some boxes. I have collected some boxes and had some duplicates so I’m selling what I have left. I have got some CLYW, some OD and some Gen Yo. Also I have some left over accessories and stuff so just ask for what you are looking for and I might have it laying around. Anyway thanks guys. Offer for the whole lot or offer for any certain box. Idk what these are worth anymore but I can recognize a lowball. Here they are:

CLYW First Run Bonfire. Clear with Red Splash, couple flatspots, smooth, $80 shipped

Left to right:

BvM2 and Puffin Box Covers, Yeti, Yeti, Summit, Summit, Bonfire (first run),
Glacier Express, OG Wooly Marmot, Gnarwhal and Avalanche.

Next set:

Format C, Punchline Repeater, Model 10, Prestige
Majesty, Skywalker, and Blue Mountain Majesty.

I want it. Text 405-669-0552 I’m the one who PMD you.

Do you still have the first run bonfire yoyo?