Nice bundle of CLYW, YYF, recess and G2


175$ $150 shipped to everywhere

Shipping included to everywhere. Only taking paypal,you pay the fees for the paypal transaction. Have to have the net amount in my account.

All yoyos are as good as new. Only one very tiny ding on the Bonfire (you really have to look pretty hard for it)

G squared aftershock, freedom colorway
CLYW Bonfire, red-clear
CLYW Big Dipper purple
Recess itl Yellow First Base
YYF Protostar clear with red spickled ring

Not really looking to sell separately because of expensive shipping, unless you have a really good offer.

Cheers! First come first served.

UPDATE: will add a YYF Replay Pro (black clear with green inside for another 5 bucks, also mint).

(system) #3