First 5A Routine!


The video says it all but I was wondering what you thought!


pretty good ;D just smoothen it out


Pretty good! Try using the counterweight more, it opens up a lot of doors.


Yeh thats what im tryin but i cant seem to getr the hang of it, I have been watching loads of videos to try and get my tricks more varied and smoother but cant seem to find anything, I just need inspiration and also a hand to try and make another combo, I tried making up stuff but it isn’t working.

Just suggest how you reckon I could use the CW more and can you post some more tricks that I could use.



That isn’t the best 5A I’ve ever seen but you have a very original style of using the counterweight to exit mounts.

You have a lot of potential, dude! Keep it up!


pretty good ;D just smoothen it out


Great job, man!


;D ;D


I really loved it. The way you did your tricks at a nice even pace really helped to learn them.

Thanks a lot for the great video!