Fireball responsiveness?

I got a Yomega Fireball from my friend, because I wanted to try looping. The only thing is, it isn’t responsive enough. Here are pictures, can you guys tell me what’s wrong with it?

Nothing is wrong, it just needs to be lubed. 3-in-1 works fine, or brain lube. Put it directly on the axle.

every thing posted above works but I would highly recommend shock oil/diff oil. It is silicone so it will not melt the plastic over time (unlike petroleum based oils) and is fairly cheap for the amount given. Just put a few drops on the plastic axle.

hope this helps,


diff oil here:

Yomega sells brain lube specifically for their yoyos so it will not damage them. I have used 3-in-1 for quite some time and have never seen any damage from it. Can’t find brain lube - go to the hardware store. It’s the same as this stuff: Synco Super Lube. Comes in the little, clear tubes about the size of a pen. They repackage it for Yomega.