Finishing up the collection!

i just need 7 more yoyos then my collection is complete! after i have these last 7, i’m not buying any more until i have a 6 digit yearly income (if it ever happens), so i’m not wasting money i should be putting elsewhere!

so here are some of them! All of the last 7 i need (relatively mint but DEAD smooth on the string) are:

  1. Leviathan 6
  2. Charm (not blackout or b grade)
  3. AMS tipeak
  4. Raw 000
  5. Inevitable (green)
  6. Coming soon?
  7. Coming soon?

will pay good money for them!


bump 2!

I keep telling myself stuff like this, good luck!


What was your collection goal?

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Fill both my pelican cases, 36 yoyos total

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Bump 5, added some throws!

Love the new profile pic!

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I love Cardinals :heart:

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Bump 8!

So funny seeing this…was just watching my cardinal(he lives in my backyard…climbing the tree locating the nest also have a couple blue jays

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Lucky… I wish I could see one for real… We don’t have any in our area or anywhere we’ve travelled…

I’ve heard Bluejays are real jerks… and that’s why I like them.

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Bump 9!

Bunch of peaks on bst right now

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bump 11!

Na…if you watch birds enough, all types constantly chase others away while they’re eating. Blue jays are just big enough that they always win!


Bump 16!

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