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Where could I find more info on those Uno pouches?

@da5id has stated that OD never sells NQP due to vibe, only ano flaws. Has this changed, or did I get it wrong?

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You’re probably right, @Myk_Myk. The seller I purchased from said fingernail vibe but there is a spot that might be an ano flaw. I’d go with @da5id’s word over the prior seller, so I’ll edit!

@adamantiumpimp Joe Davies made it and sells small batches via FB/Instagram once in a while. Here’s his post for Oscar:

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That pouch is cool!

Bump with price drops!

Bump with new stuff!

Bump with price drops!

DMs have been slid into.

Got nuffin’ from ya, bro… I also just sold the Paradox, Uno, and Freehand. :grimacing:

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That’s me! I should have specified that the DMs were not YYE DMs.

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It’s all coming together, @adamantiumpimp


Bumped with new throws for trade/sale!

If you don’t sell that California I might get it from you at the next meetup

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Cleanup and price drop bump!

Well, I can’t seem to edit the original… So let’s go ahead and close it and I’ll create a new one when it comes time again??