Fingerspins, Momo+Kohta, and C3's new yoyo

Anyone remember this freestyle? I’m not sure how long this is going to be but I just wanted to post this since I know a lot of people, especially newer players, probably haven’t seen these freestyles from 2 fingerspin legends.

That’s definitely more significant in terms of fingerspins but can’t forget the OG either

Over 3 years later, there’s way more fingerspin-oriented yoyos but really no further innovation in fingerspin tricks and still very few people can do more than the basic fingerspin.

Nonetheless, I’m still really looking forward to C3’s new fingerspin yoyo (check out their facebook and instagram if you haven’t). I have a feeling it’ll dethrone the Elysian as the best fingerspin yoyo just from the few pictures that have been revealed, the company that’s making it, and the names that are behind it. A design that seems to resemble key characteristics of what make some of the best fingerspin yoyos on the market great such as the Elysian and Skyva, made by the company that really started the trend of fingerspin-oriented yoyos, designed for the greatest fingerspin player of all time and the man who created and pioneered the trick and it’s variations himself.

These 2 guys are the ones that really got me into fingerspins and I remember I was in awe when I first watched those freestyles, Ethan’s in particular, since nothing close to it had been done nor has been done since then at a contest. I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from those freestyles and have learned and made up variations of most of the fingerspin tricks he shows in that video. I’ve had both the Strix and Movitation and they were both some of my favorite yoyos I’ve owned.

I haven’t been this excited for a release in a really long time, probably since the release of the Markmont Classic. I can’t wait to see what new stuff momo and kohta bring out for the promo video and I’ll definitely be one of the ones who will be picking this throw up on the day of it’s release  ;D

That second freestyle absolutely blew my mind. Thanks for blessing me with that lol

the passion never dies

Do we have any ideas on release date of this?

No announcement on release date yet but they did say they would release it within the first season of the new year so it should be soon!

Both of these players in my opinion have earned your label as “fingerspin legends.” Don’t know why but I feel happy that this was invented during my 6 years of playing since I did not see this trick until now MOMO and Kohta showed it in their videos. The Duncan Strix, C3 P-Wave, and Magic Yoyo Skyva are my favorite to fingerspin with.


We are preparing right now , should be release not later than Feb !!
more news once we are ready !! we are excited for Fingerspin

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