Finger Spins by: Noah Bachofen

Hey Guys and Gals, I wanted to show you guys some fingerspin tricks and concepts I have been working on.  Please give me some feedback, I would like to know what you have to say.  Thanks, Noah.

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0:49 - ow!

Cool stuff here. I don’t have too much that’s useful to say other than that. The best things that come of people developing fingerspin stuff is melding it into other elements. The technique is too ubiquitous now to stand on its own very well (though I still impress non-yoyoers with a fingerspin to bind!) but when it comes in or out of other elements, it’s quite cool.

Dude, that was pretty badass! Great way to expand on fingerspins. I wish I could fingerspin… Still practicing and hope to get better. Keep up the good work and get some more cool vids up asap! 8)

Hits head with yoyo, binds, pretends he’s all right, then runs to get ice. That’s what I’d do lol
Nice job… would have like to see some more ufo tricks like the first one.

My favorite parts of the video are 0:57 ad 1:00.

You are already getting a rep just for using and knowing Ratatat i love you all homo.

Bump. Haha

Not to be a hater.
Most(most, not all) of that was just fingerspin, bounce, catch.
Fingerspin, bounce, bounce, catch.

Little more creativity.

Throw some more snazzy binds in there.

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Has anybody else thrown an Elysian. It just like hugs you finger forever. :smiley:

Sicks video man, I have got to learn the first trick in the video!

Penny board swag hahahaha

That was cool dude! Were you using hubstacks at all?


It would be SOOOoooo hard to do all that with hubstacks.

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