Figure collection

Anyone here collect any figures?

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I’m sure many of us have at least a few figures on display :stuck_out_tongue:

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Might want to move this to “Unrelated Discussion” :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah I just realized that sorry and thanks!


Nice thread idea :+1:t5:
These days I’m not actively collecting anymore but for a long time I was collecting Masters of the Universe and Street Fighter Figures especially MIB. As my Yoyo collection grew more and more :sweat_smile: my Figure collection did shrink though. But I still have some gems left (which also maybe will find their way into some other appreciating hands).


Thats so sick I collect Marvel Legends DBZ and Mcfarlene


Mmmh, exquisite taste you got there. With McFarlane you can’t go wrong. Also thought of getting a Vegeta figure at some point (since he is my favorite DBZ character). Is there a line you’d specifically recommend?

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Wouldn’t call myself a collector but:


Some figures of mine. :slight_smile:


Line of DBZ?

If you are saying best line of DBZ I would say SH Figuarts but that can be expensive so if you want cheaper but good I would say Bandai

Love those! Always missed them when they originally went up for sale years ago.

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I wouldn’t say Mcfarlene is a brand you can’t go wrong with it’s kind of hit and miss.

Thank you! Might be selling some soon if you are interested !