Action Figure Collector?


A thread went off topic in the past, and I could tell there are some action figure collectors on here. I’m curious to see what you guys have collected so far. I’m working on a photo of my stuff to get it posted up. It will take me some time to line it up for a descent photo.

But, I’m curious if you have a collection, what it looks like. Do you leave them in the box, or unbox them, and have them displayed. I’d be curious to see your setup. Mine are all music related figures. Right now, they are still in boxes, and stored in large Rubbermaid type containers. I’ve been thinking about putting them on display. Definitely harder to store than yo-yos.

If you have a collection, and it’s organized, I wouldn’t mind seeing what it looks like. It might give me some ideas. Thanks in advance.


I’ve got a large collection of transofmers but just store them in bins like you except for the select few that are on display


You’ve got a lot of hobbies man :smiley:


I only collected figures and yo-yos. I play guitars and play with cubes, but they are not collections per se. I just have them. Just like video games, I don’t play daily, but I have some around when I’m in the mood to play them. I don’t even actively purchase the other stuff anymore. No new figures have come out, at least high quality ones, since McFarlane made the last one. And cubes I still mess with from time to time. But, I have not bought the latest cubes. I presently don’t actively keep up with buying those other things. they are “on ice.” Someday, yo-yos might be the same…but no time soon. :smiley:


So, you keep them in their original boxes, except for the few on display? How many do you have? Unlike yo-yos, those plastic boxes they come in take up so much room. I’m sure you’ve got some big figures in there too. :smiley: That’s what you can’t beat about yo-yos, they take up no room to store…but it makes them dangerous too. :stuck_out_tongue: Figures are cheaper than yo-yos generally, but take up a lot of room. Figures take up half a closet…yo-yos like 1/20th of a closet. :smiley: Figures appreciate in value better…not always, but more often than yo-yos do I think. Transformers might be different. :-\


I had a good amount of loose figures that I recently sold since I didn’t really get to enjoy them. I’ve got about 30 or so packaged ones left along with maybe 20 loose figures so It’s not many anymore. I actually prefer to have the boxed ones on display minus my Grimlock :stuck_out_tongue:

Before I got rid of the loose figures they were bubblewrapped and kept in large bins


I do have all my GI Joes from back in the day. Don’t think they are worth much, they have all “been through the wars” ;).

I did recently find out my old M.U.S.C.L.E. man collection is worth a small (very) fortune. Not really action figures, I guess.