Figure 8 Help? (Done! I did it! Check thread for help)!

When I did the first part of this video where it breaks down Figure 8 really quickly, I always end up with a double on after I am suppose to get into a 1.5 mount. Like I would do the 1.5 mount, curl fingers, swing it, flip pointer, then do the last swing, but that last swing always gives me like a double looped in the yo-yo. Help?

You have to just practice the figure 8 at full speed. If you do the swings deliberately one at a time then you’ll get a wrap, but if you do it fast and smooth and without stopping you wont get the extra wrap. Keep practicing the figure 8 by itself. It’ll take a little bit to figure it out but it’s a cool move so its worth it in my opinion

When I do it full speed, the yo-yo keeps rejecting off the string. And I only happen to get the trick to work ONCE. 1 TIME. And I thought I had it, but then I lost it.

EDIT: I figured it out. I can do it 90% of the time now and smoothly like Jason Lee does. The key is to move your hands closer when doing the loops. It helps a lot, and it helps with the flow.