Fg gnarwhal, benchmade


For trade or sale

PENDING-Bushman gnar 2. Mint with box.
Gotten a lot of offers on this. I may keep it. It’ll take 2 fg’s or a bonfire or a trade that involves a peak to get this in all likley hood. Or involving something really nice

SOLD-Avalanche. I can’t find any damage at all. No box I guess I could give the fg gnars box perhaps.

Gnar. Fools gold for anno but who cares cause it’s whooped on! Smooth as can be. No box. Damage everywhere, but nothing deep. A satin or polish could get it all out.

Non yoyo related
I have a benchmade 51bk that sits in a drawer. I never use it. Looking for 175


Fools golds
Ac 1 or 2
Puffin 1 or 2


Any idea on a price for the Av?

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