Few and Far Between counterweight assistance

I received a Few and Far Between Vow the other day and it came with a matching counterweight, for the life of me I can’t figure out how to assemble the darn thing. I have emailed and pm a couple of people from them but no response.

Her are the parts I have.

Here is what it should look like

The tapered piece has a small hole but the other two is large enough for the beads to fall through. Also I’m thinking that the 3 larger pieces should be permanently attached to each other maybe?

I appreciate any help with this as I am new to this type of counterweight.

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Super glue is the answer. A lot of multi piece 3D printed counterweights are just glued together. It’s rare they come apart, but it happens.


once you glue it together, thread the “pearl” onto the string, then thread the string through the large hole so it comes out the small one. the pearl should sit inside the CW.

good luck.

enjoy the throw my friends.


Thank you for the information, I’m assuming I only need to use one bead and keep the other as a spare, correct.


One is all you need.

You can allegedly use multiple beads to adjust weight to your preference, but I’ve never been particular enough about counterweight weight to do it.


This happened to me and my vow CW as well. Message Chunkeez in insta if you have it. They’ll make it right. That weight is not disassembled, it is broken.

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