Favourite trick(s)?

Im sure tons of people have asked this but I haven’t yet :wink:

Anyway, my favourites would be Skin the gerbil and Buddhas Fusion, whats yours? :slight_smile:

disproportion-it Buffalo… its quite a dozie.

What is Buddhas Fusion?


It says right here. My favorite picture trick is Post Nuclear and I also like gyro flops a lot too.

Okay, but what is it?

The Gallows is pretty cool.

Buddhas fusion is buddhas revenge with a pop in the middle from kwijibo and then you should be in double or nothing so you just do a cold fusion, it looks sweet :slight_smile:

That sound really cool!

I’ll have to try that one out…

Anyways my favorite trick for now would be White Buddha, even though it’s not listed on my profile

Shock Wave. Totally love anything to do with the Magic Drop. Also I’m always doing Kamikaze but it isn’t my favorite trick. I just do it over and over if I’m not paying attention.

From 0:41 to 0:50

I don’t know what it’s called, but it’s pretty fun to do.

Bee sting and all its variations and similar tricks, like meltdown

I love beesting, it looks pretty awesome :slight_smile:

for me i’ve always loved kwijibo, and variations or transitions using those three pops. also eli hops are fun and addicting, and i love boingy boing

right now if i had to say anything its a mix of cold fusion and Buddha’s revenge. what i do is the roll after the first step of cold fusion i throw a few Buddha’s revenge rolls into then dismount and bind pretty fun to do.