Favorite youtubers/viners

For those of you who watch youtube or vine who are your favorite? These are mine.

YouTube- nigahiga and LA beast also alot of trap channels including all trap music, hdtrapmusic and trap city

Vine- Randy Mancuso, KingBach, Curtis lepore, David Lopez, Christian Delgrosso, Brandon calvallo, Logan Paul, Melvin Gregg, MrLegenDarius, and like so many others i cant even lost em all. My least favorite is Brandon Bowen, and chrish.

pocket83, Goodman Feels, ricd61har, Wes Peden, raysipesladygaga, FRANKIEonPCin1080p, Grand Illusions, MillionDollarExtreme.

On youtube I watch Zach Gustafson LinusTechTips NCIX Techtips Austin Evans CLYW

Yea yoyo’s and tech that my life

Brandon Vu!


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i like him alot.

Brandon vu and Aidin G.
Im Aidin G.[/font]

Thats right Bradnon Vu cant believe I forgot him

jacksepticeye. The funniest irish guy on earth.