Favorite type of dewwww...

what’s your favorite type of mtn dew? mine’s baja blast, for sure. discuss.

You don’t have Typhoon.


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You don’t have Game Fuel.

Even more useless.

game fuel is definitely the best. hands down. no questions asked. then Baja Blast. game fuel only comes out every so often. Baja Blast is available at TBell only. I think that’s why they’re both so good because they’re not available just anywhere. so you never get tired, or used to the taste. I love anything dew though.


dew is nice, but i’m note one who should have that much caffeine. I am way more hyperactive in real life than i am here. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think we get all those kinds of Dew up here. Regular Mountain Dew didn’t even have caffeine until recently.

I’ve seen Code Red, so I know we get that. But the rest? Y’alls Cray Cray.

You crazy Canucks.

Original. It’s tasty.

Much ADew about the original. It shall never change

Voltage! Then white out, then baja blast.

You know dat it’s all about the throw back

lol i know i edited them. i’m late but whatever.