Favorite type of bearing?

({John15}) #21

Really? Am I the only one here who likes flat bearings? I know this can’t be true… oh well, I always was a black sheep

(Jim Honaker) #22

I am also a fan of the flat bearings in my One Drops. My other bearing of choice would be the CenterTrac. It’s a nice comprimise, flat center and keeps the string just far enough off of the sides.

(Tyler) #23

I prefer center trac, but do have flat bearings in a couple of yoyos. Just not a fan of the grooved bearings where the string actually sits down in it.

(Jim Honaker) #24

Speaking of bearings, does anyone have a source for relatively inexpensive yet good performing bulk bearings? One of the bearings in my brand new One Drop sounded pretty rough. It sounded dirty or gritty and was not spinning the way it should. I tried to clean it but the one shield would not come off and ended up getting damaged. I know One Drop sells them, but it made me think about having some bearings just in case.