Favorite repeaters


Please list or link tutorials for your favorite repeating tricks please.


I think my lack of depth means a pretty boring reply here, but I’m not bored of the Matrix yet. It’s an easy one to add little variations to in order to keep it fresh.


I don’t have a favorite repeater.

I don’t have a favorite repeater.

I don’t have a favorite repeater.

I don’t have a favorite repeater.

I don’t have a favorite repeater.

(I’m competition compliant)


Variations of Boing , Variation of Eli Hops , G-Square, Jason lee figured 8 chopstick , Follow ,…


Just found this, so it’s not a “favourite” yet, but damn that’s smooth looking. (ReThink guy always makes tricks look smooth, though)


I’ve not seen it on-line before but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it in performances/videos on-line. My favourite is a Bro. Slack into Houdini mount and then trapeze dismount, If you get it going fast it’s a seriously clean and really really easy repeater that looks good to people watching you.

(Jeremy Mryoyothrower McKay) #7

These two are my favourite


Branding repeater variation on HSYY


I like shockwave a lot too.  Danny Severance has a couple really cool shockwave variations that you can see at around :53 seconds in this video (I especially like the first variation):


The key to the first one he does there, the one where he does shockwave in a kink mount that looks sort of like a wrist mount, is how he twists the strings around with his non-throwhand.  It’s also possible to magic drop into an actual wrist mount and do shockwave like that (which is what I thought he was doing at first), but that is much more difficult.

Mark Montgomery and Seth Peterson also have some really good repeaters.  My favourites of Mark’s are probably the around the corner trick at 2:16 and the chopsticks trick at 2:50 in this freestyle:


And this video has several of Seth’s:


Also, Nanda Kanda is the best dang trick.


For the undisputed victory.


That branding repeater variation on HSYY, and simple repeaters involving candy slack (I’m actually doing one in my avatar <–).

I need to learn nanda kanda, I don’t do many fronstyle tricks, but nanda kanda just looks really fun.


Wish all the HSYY did the “normal speed then slow speed” thing that some of them do. I have no great idea what that branding repeater trick looks like at normal speed.


Infinity. Learnz it.