Favorite Comedians?

I have three comedians that I really love watching, but I was wondering if any one liked Comedy shows.

I like:
•Brian Regan
•Gabriel Iglesias
•George Lopez

Kevin Hart
Bo Burnham
Daniel Tosh
Anthony Jeselnik

Those are some of my faves.

Russell Peters
Ron White
Bill Engval
Daniel Tosh
Pablo Francisco
Nick Swardson
Steve Byrne
Kevin Hart
Bo Burnham
Ralpie May
Mitch Hedberg

These are most of my favorites.

bo burnham
chris hardwick
donald glover
dave chappel
daniel tosh
nick swardson
keyand peele

Jon Dore
Jonah Ray
Pete Holmes
Greg Proops
Louis C.K.
Dan Mintz

I forgot Kevin Hart, GAH how stupid of me.

Gabriel Iglesias
Daniel tosh
Dave Chappell
Jeff Dunham

Dead or alive?

D.L. Hughley
Bernie Mack
Steve Harvey
The Wayans Family (mostly Marlon & Shawn)
Ricky Smiley

Tim Hawkins

Donald Glover,ermagash Yes!

This. Best comedy ever. Bob Smiley and John Branyan are pretty good also.

How could I forget to include the great George Carlin in my list.

Graham Chapman

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Ricky Gervais.

I was hoping I wouldn’t be the only one. He’s great.

I love comedians that don’t act as “wisecrackers”. Comedians that build their act on their own pain. This is why Louis CK is high on my list that doesn’t exist. He’s one of the few American comedians I follow just because of that.

I’m also not a fan of one-lining comedians just because I feel like it doesn’t give me anything more than laughs compared to a complete patched together red-thread act.

I’m a huge sucker for panel-shows with integrity to them. We have a show in Norway that adresses news in a funny way. I’m also a massive fan of QI.

A lot of comedians who do stand-up are amazing at writing, acting or at panel-shows, but not that great at stand-up.

If I have to name an absolute favorite comedian it would have to be Richard Ayoade. That man is a great actor and he manages to combine his shy being with some insanely well-timed jokes. To my knowledge he doesn’t do stand-up, which I think is a good idea as his way of being just works better with other people.

To drop some more names.

John Pinette
Sean Lock
David Mitchell
Bill Bailey
John Cleese

My dads a comedian (Adam Cohen)

I’m also a big Gabriel Inglesioas fan

I like

Bill Burr
Jim Norton
Jerry Seinfeld
Zach Galifianakis

Probably more, but I tried to include some that haven’t been mentioned. Bill Burr is probably my fav.

Does your dad tour nationally?

How can I forget George Carlin!!!

charlie chaplain, laurel and hardy, theres countless others in silent films