Favorite 3A Player


You excluded ALOT of good players, and players in general. Not only on this one, but the other 4 you made. You could have you have combined all the topics, taken away the poll, and we could’ve had a nice discussion.

elliot ogawa screw the poll

This poll is terrible.
My favorite players:
Kentaro Kimura
Minato Furuta
Hank Freeman
Paul Yath
That guy from C3 who’s name is beyond me.

Hiroki Miyamoto!

Ma Yi?

If he’s the really tall guy, then yes.

MY favorites (in no particular order):
Ryota ogi
Hank freeman
Kentaro Kimura
Masanobu Iwata
Daisuke Shimada
And Drew Tetz


Ma Yi is the uy with the Master galaxy and crazy body tricks in 1A

you mean Ng Wang kit!


We might have to start writing tickets for his stuff!

Please don’t take offense; it’s a joke.

None of the above.

Minato Furuta!