fav. topics

I’m not sure if there is a thing where you can put your personal favorite topics, just like how you can put your favorite websites up in the folder thing. Sorry if that doesn’t make sense i really tiered

thats not a bad idea

i was hoping some one might agree. are there any mistakes though?

what do you mean by that

THis is ma fav topic ::slight_smile:

Like a personal Sticky? that be cool, but “thou can use thy search button”

that there is at least one person that agrees this is a good idea, and i was wondering if there was anything i needed ti fix in the topic post thing

oh, no

oh, no to what the idea or something wrong with the topic post thing?

topic post

why what do you not like about it

no nothing was wrong

Yeah its kind of a cool idea but at the same time you can devote a folder in your favorites to threads you like…

I have a folder titled yoyo stuff, inside are more folders
websites: Blogs, forums, stores ect
videos: Links to good youtube/vimeo yoyo vids. this also has a subfolder of about all the Augie vids on youtube

So I mean yeah it would be cool but its just another button and page and stuff that just really isn’t needed yanno?