fav throws for competition?!

What are your current favorite throws for yo-yo comps?!

Mine as of right now are the #yyftoohot and #yyfspacecowboy



That’s great to hear a pro yoyoer saying that a TooHot is a competition-ready yoyo, because I’m just about to buy one. I would bring a Shutter on stage if I had to choose, but I’ve tried so few yoyo’s as of right now.

Prestiges and Cowboys.

Space Cowboy for sure.

Audley Equilibrium and Ares Stars

well, I haven’t really done that many competitions (3 to be exact) and each time i have done them its with a different yoyo, but i generally like whatever yoyo i was using the predecessor to the competition (generally a week before). Like, for VA states that just past i was almost about to use an orbitron 5000 (if you see the shape of the yoyo you will learn its definitely the best yoyo to use for competition) then i bought a whimsy roar which i liked much more.

Chief!! :slight_smile:

I’ve never done a Competition before, I’ve only been yoyoing for under 2 months so far. If I were good enough right now, I would probably bring my YYF Shutter to a competition.

Capricorn and Summit :smiley:

Well PNWR is coming up.
I think I will be using my AC2, Accel, and io.

I absolutely love my #yyftoohot! it has a nice wide shape to it so that you can hit your tricks on stage a lot easier! ^0^/ Shutter is another great one, and was also used by our current World Yo-Yo Champion, Gentry Stein!!!

#yyfshutter is a solid choice!!! (as used by the World Champ himself!!!) : p

Space Cowboy (Gacek Edition), Aviator and Horizon r ma favs :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Markmont. Classic!

See you at PNWR Eric!

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oooooooh i swear if i see that blue thing in the background one more time…!

also that mmc looks great beat up. i want all the colors.


still havent competed before,but when i get serious and go for some long at home freestyles,i prefer My albatross or my aftershock