Fast Vs. Slow yoyo?

whats the difference between a slow spiing yoyo and a fast one

When people talk about fast and slow, they don’t usually mean the spin speed. They mean the way the yoyo moves when you’re doing string tricks. Some yoyos have a floatier and slower feel, almost as if the yoyo is lighter than air. They just seem to hang there. Other yoyos seem to move very fast and deliberate, and hit the string with authority.

It’s difficult to describe until you feel the sensation of each, but when you do, it’s immediately noticeable.

A slow yo-yo has some sort, hmm solid strong feel to it. It moves through the air with finesse and it likes to take some hard strong tricks.

A fast yo-yo is designed to whip through the air. Your tricks will feel flowy and your hands will can easily move around it with speed as well. It’s easier to do showy tricks due to it being light and smooth in the air.

Kinda hard to explain, but it’ll click right away when you try both.

so what would you sat the hitman pro is?

In the middle more on fast side

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