Fast competition style tricks?


I want to learn some tricks that they do in competition and go really hard with, but its hard to tell what they are when watching comp videos haha.

Any suggestions of tricks to learn?

(Jei Cheetah) #2


Yes and thank you sir!!!

This is proving rather hard to learn without english, but im getting there lol.


Rock the baby. If your a dangerous player,dizzy baby,or ladder escape.


I’ve got a beautiful one for you:



Yes yes yes, thank you!

Keep these coming guys, this is perfect


Did mine help?


I already know these :smiley: thank you tho sir!


Haha I was just kidding, you could try to get longer tricks perfect and do them faster (kamikaze,and whut,ladder escape,dizzy baby lol) I would just go around on YouTube a bunch XD




Any more? :wink: ::slight_smile: