fast 301

i have

Yeah, It was a metal fast 201.

i bet it was a pretty cool yoyo

If you are going to make a thread about something, Please post something about it. Post pictures or something like that. A little info on that yoyo would be nice. If you don’t know then as us if we have ever heard of is. don’t just put “I have”.

Thank you, come again.

Yoyowiki is teh bomb.

And this is the metal fast 201?

You can read about it on

Quote from yoyowiki
"The F.A.S.T. 301 was released by YoYoFactory as a high-end metal version of their F.A.S.T. 201. FAST is the acronym for “Fully Active Starburst Technology,” a unique adjustable starburst response system patented by YoYoFactory. The yo-yo is constructed with an aluminium body, plastic starburst response and a plastic lens cap with printed (numbered) inserts. Overall 121 yo-yos were produced, anodized in Blue, Black, or Silver. "

And Johnny Rocks, yes, this is the metal FAST 201.