Fast 201 YYF Review


I had the Fast 201 about two years ago as my first yoyo. It was great, but with a multitude of downsides.

Good things-
1)Great feel, perfect weight, just feels nice in the hands.
2)Doesn’t need to be broken in.
3)Is relatively adjustable for unresponsive play
Neutral things-
1) Color/design isn’t great, kinda bland
2) Great mutual price for 10-14 dollars
Bad things-
1) It is the loudest yoyo I have ever thrown
2)The starburst response will destroy your strings, I have had this yoyo come off the string more than any other I have played with
3)The adjustability isn’t as fluid and functioning as I would have like to have seen.

In the end, this is the absolute perfect yoyo for beginners. It works with you, and is great for responsive - semi-responsive play. The kid I gave my gray 201 to learned how to throw a yoyo, do basic string tricks and had fun doing it within a week.

Rating- 7/10


I do like the weight and shape of this yoyo but yes, the starburst response is terrible! If you want to turn it into a decent throw that you don’t have to worry about banging up, take the little star bursts out with a plier to get unresponsive play.


Oh I have a fast 201 but it’s old it’s one that was manufactured by matel that toy company not by YYF