Fallen44 3AM & G2 Mongoose (<–Both for $60) Atmos Aria ($255) Switch Lite ($150)

Once I sell these I will be done with BST. Please help me clear out!

3am (unresponsive, has wood vibe, box) $50
mongoose (has box) $40

bgrade little league sold
titanic (small finish flaw, has box) sold
quail (small mark) sold
ikea grail (has box) sold
arbiter x (has box) sold
mod44 (has box & parts) sold
b7 (marks & scratches) sold
dale (small mark) sold
enigma (has bag) sold
tivayder (small scratches/raw marks) sold
sakura (small scratch, has bag) sold
little league (some damage) sold
project 2 (small mark) sold
liopleurodon (has bag) sold
fallen44 fixie sold

Atmos Aria (Has a minor raw mark, box & bag) $255 OBO

Switch Lite (w/ case!) $150


bump #1

added some nice deals for everyone.

great deal on the iyoyo stuff, GLWS

bump #2

please help me clear out the collection :slight_smile:

fireball g2 sold

The valhalla sold?

Damn whoever got that. DAMN YOU

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Yeah, still have other G2s with your name on em! You look like you need a ti triton :wink:

Added aster & ILYY bundle

Bump #3

aster sold

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bump 5

bump 6

need to get away from the bst for a while. open to offering some discounts for bundles, happy to provide more pictures on request.

Ti Vayder sold
Ikea grail sold
B7 sold
quail sold
Mod44 sold


bump 8

let’s make those deals happen!

little leagues sold

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Deals deals deals! Reach out if there’s anything you see and want to negotiate a bit!

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bump 10

arbiter x sold
titanic sold

bump 11


Bump 13. Take the final 5 yo-yos for 200. (3AM, Fixie, Project 2, Mongoose, Liopleurodon)

Bump 14


JK. Free bump.

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Bump 15. Make me an offer for all the remaining 5 and I’ll give you a deal for helping me clear them out.