factory throws for sale or trade.

1-Gray Bomb Squad Avant Garde with Paul’s autograph and tube,minty.
2-Hot pink Bomb Squad Avant Garde2 with Paul’s autograph and tube,minty.
3-O.G. superstar blue with stacks and a really cool bubble splash ano stripe, minty no box.
4-Two tone genesis, small surface ding on the black side face, also the red side is blank.
5-Winston Rockstar, minty no box.
Please no throws from china.
I would like to trade this stuff for other American Made metal.
Note all of these throws are O.G. first run American Made factory throws.
Can’t seem to post the Winston.
P.S. that Samurai is also up for grabs.

Samurai is gone.

Winston pending.

Winston fell through. Winston back up.

Got Some interest on the gardes.

Wnston pending, again…