(EXCESS) Boredom

Not much to say here…

lol so funny. i loved the terorist part (yes i cant spell)

I need to get out more.

i know how you feel :’(


am going trough that right now

Haha sick life…

It’s a daily routine.

awwww txt people.  I used to do that everyday cuz i didnt txt people and now i have plans everyday.

I text him. But he lives to far.

I actually do things almost everyday.
This was just today…

haha u said its a daily routine. I can tell its not considering u guys make vids together alot i finaly got a group of friends to yoyo. Here is the group pic of us ;D ;D

Yeah I was kidding.

LOL, bordem, but somehow fun to watch.

Boredom FTW

i cant believe i actually watched 1:30 of that… like seriously? i must be too old or something

That was actually entertaining. :smiley:

You missed the last part. D:

LOAD! LOAD! That is how i felt while trying to watch this vid, and all other videos

You name reminds me of something… hmm I wonder what it is…

I really enjoyed watching it. :wink:

love the vid