EVERYTHING FOR $250, need money please help

Whats up guys? I have recently became unemployed and don’t really use my yoyo stuff anymore so im in need of cash. The best way to get at me is at my email fhssoccer25@gmail.com

More pictures upon request

[b]The only trades I will entertain is any yoyofactory genesis or mens size 12 shoes in good condition(preferably vans, converse, nike sb or roshe runs, and toms)




Duncan Hayabusa-$10 or $5 with another $25+ purchase good condition few 4a marks
Duncan Transaxtion- Not for sale…first yoyo
Duncan Professional-$5 or $2 with another $25+ purchase old but good condition responsive cool yoyo
Journey to the Center of the Earth- $5 or $2 with another $25+ purchase responsive good condition…not much else to say
SuperYo Sonic Spin- $5 or $2 with another $25+ purchase plastic transaxle type thing cool older yoyo
Yoyojam Dragonjam- $15 or $7 with another $25+ purchase modded takes silicone unresponsive mint clear my favorite plastic super good
Duncan Butterfly- $1 or free with another $25+ purchase its a mint butterfly. nothing else
Gold Jaru Metal Yoyos - $5 for the pair or $3 with another $25+ purchase play better then the dollar tree yoyos semi responsive starburst response pretty cool mint
Qixia Champion- $5 or $3 with another $25+ purchase knockoff glow die nasty needs pads but still plays good
PENDINGYoyofactory Skyline- $35 with hubstacks or $25 without hubstacks 2007 starry night large bearing beat but still plays excellent great pocket throw for everyday use
Yyf 07 888 $40 with stacks or $30 without stacks rare half gold half red (ironman) colorway couple tiny marks and scratches
Yoyofactory Superstar- $15 great yoyo but has 2 anno flaws (huge anno flaws) mint other then that but has part of bearing stuck in seat
Duncan Freakhands- $20 for pair 1 blue 1 green mint good beginner 3a set
PENDINGCLYW Wood Return Top-$5 or $2 with another $25+ purchase best CLYW ever made mint
Toysmith Metal Yoyo- $10 or $5 with another $25+ purchase uhm semi responsive mint found at beach gift shop has bearing
Crucial Al A Mode- $65 Team edition has 1 tiny mark AMAZING THROW my favorite yoyo by far
Yomega Glide- $35 great 5a throw few dings and scratches yomega really stepped it up with this thing
Dollar Tree Yoyos- $4 or $2 with another $25+ purchase mint good for price
Yoyojam Classic- $10 or $6 with another $25+ purchase has upgraded bearing (I think crucial groove) kinda loud but has couple scratches still on par with metals
PENDINGYoyofactory Catalyst- $35 mint pink great throw super smooth
Zeekio Prism- $20 or $15 with another $25+ purchase really good for the price great pocket throw on par with the catalyst
Yoyojam Dark Magic 2- $5 or $3 with another purchase beat to crap both caps have hole drilled in them hubs cracked doesn’t unscrew but still works somehow

Cases and Other Accessories ALL PENDING

PENDINGYoyosam 36 Hole Case- $20 great condition has few stickers on 1 side no rips or tears in the foam
PENDINGCustom SPYY Painted Dell Laptop Case- $25 custom painted by kbadams (does great work) holds 26+1 4a has pockets for string and etc was $50 case brand new comes with strap
PENDINGDuncan Tee-$5 size medium didn’t shrink much I washed it multiple times to give it the run down look but haven’t worn that much
PENDINGCLYW Snapback- $5 pretty good condition just needs washed snaps on back are cracked a little
PENDINGDiabology DVD- $5 watched 1 time won this in Augie Fash contest about 2 years ago
PENDINGParts/Junk/Cheap Yoyos- $10 for all some halves in there stripped yuuksta and bunches of $1 yoyos
PENDINGParts Case- $20 with everything inside has multiple A,C, and 1 D bearing inside has some weight rings, yoyojam thin lube, yoyo glove, Duncan dice, monkeyfinger buff, hubstacks, and more





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