Evan Nagao New Freestyle, New Tricks!


Do you think if Evan pulled this routine off, he would have won worlds still?! :thinking::thinking::thinking:


(André Boulay) #2

I love watching him work tricks together that mix so well with classic songs.


That’s why he’s the champ. What a great mix of yoyoing for yoyoers and non yoyoers. I think anyone would enjoy watching that.


The strategic slow-mo in the middle :heart_eyes:


Another incredible freestyle from Evan, but while watching I couldn’t stop thinking that YYF oughta send him a nicer camera to reduce motion blur.

(André Boulay) #6

I’m pretty sure he said he usually uses his iPhone. :wink:

(Rock Shouse) #7

Wow!!! All bow-down to the world Yoyo champion…just amazing Evan…the choice of music was exquisite!!! Heil the new Yoyo champ…Evan “Magic Hands” Nagao! Yoyo’s greatest ambassador!!!

(Alexander) #8

That. Was. Amazing.

What hook did he do?? A 4.5? I lost count :grin:

(Brian Datz) #9

Looked like a 4.0 to me. I think a .5 ends on the TH side :slight_smile:

Anyway, yeah this was fantastic. I was amazed by all of the slack elements, with often more than one slack loop in play. Immediately this goes on my favorites playlist on YT.


Absolutely amazing!!! And that reverse hook?!?!! What???!!!


That double slack dough