Sorry mobile users. Music content rules wont let me make it available for you.

Buuuuuttt…  Here is the product of an evenings boredom.

Was just meant to be the one trick but i started playing with pinch grinds.  Nothing new there tho…

With Love from London.

Worked on mobile for me.

Must be just UK viewers that are having the problems then.

Cheers for watching.

Awesome video! I love messing with those pinch grinds too, although how did you do it on an MVP without gloves?

I try to do everything without gloves. It’s all possible. My hands were pretty sweaty in this case so i was struggling to get a really long grinds. But I made do.

Thanks for the compliment.

ps. MVP2 is a badass

Nice stuff man!

Nothing original here.  But just wanted to film any way.

doesnt really deserve its own thread tho.

7075 MVP2 or 6061?

7075 apparently.


Nice! You’re really smooth!

Cheers. In the first video it took me quite a few tries to land the trick how i wanted. Till i got the clip where i landed it first time in the way i wanted. theres probably about 5 mins of footage on my computer of me trying to hit the first trick in the first vid.