Epic Strings Nationals 2013 Edit


Here it is!

EDIT: OVER 1,000 VIEWS!!! WOW!!!

(Filmed mostly by my brother)


Wow great videography! If you don’t pursue something in the video industry I’d say that would be sad. Lots and lots of talent! And was that just an over view of nationals? Or was it also the guys using your strings? Sorry I’m really slow today…

But again I love your videography skills!


Just random people in the crowd!


Loved how it opened with my buddy Mike Montgomery. Such a cool guy!


Very cool!


Great Video! What camera did you use?


Nikon d5100 with a 50mm f/1.8 lens.


Is that the d or g 50mm?


That was an awesome video!! I remember somebody recording me and I guess you were that person :wink: That’s me rocking my favorite wrist mount trick after Mike Montgomery.


Bump! ;D


Thanks! It was my brother… Lol.


so awesome!


THANKS! I was super happy with the video!


The colourway on the throw at 0:48 was gorgeous. Galaxy Proton?

Awesome video. I’m really appreciative to guys like you that make these videos of events, it’s really inspiring to be able to see so many great people without being there. :smiley:


Awesome video. Really, really nice. :smiley:


i don’t really know :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow! 1,000 views and counting!