Enough rim weight?


the Moose yo-yo


I want float and stability

(Joseph) #3

If you’re going for a stable Yoyo, I think you should add a tiny bit more rim weight.:ok_hand:


Thank you, I’ll see what I can do

(Joseph) #5

You’re welcome!:blush:

(Jacob Waugh) #6

Are those Rim fittings?


Could you define what you consider “float”? I’ve heard different people say different things.


They are all one piece, so it’s not a bi-metal. If that answers your question :slight_smile:


Float is basically just not playing like a rock to me

(Jordan Blofeld) #10

You can add a lot of rim weight before a yoyo becomes bricky. If you want to keep those chief-esque rings in the cup, I don’t think any amount of rim weight will make it feel like a brick.

If you’re that worried, make the hub area (behind the bearing) a bit thicker to add a bit of centerweight.


Thank you :pray:

(Mk1 Yoyos) #12

I think I figured out where the name Moose comes from!


Give it a go :joy:

(Mk1 Yoyos) #14

The cutaway looks like antlers!

Also, I mocked it up in fusion and the rim weight is fine, thought you have a lot of room to add more if you wish.

I used Zach lerner’s “rim weightedness” estimation process and it came to 54.1%, where the desirable range is 50-65%. 50% being unstable, 65% being super stable.


Looks like a beast to QC


What is QC?


You hit the nail on the head! Also moose are the biggest of the deer family and this is a big yo-yo.


Sorry if this is a poor question, but where do you think the clyw bear vs man round 2 fits on this scale? Unless you haven’t tried it that is


Floaty is a light, stable feel on the string, especially the feel when it hits the string. Lighter feeling yo-yos in general. The YYF Dogma is a bit floaty, the shutter not so much. Probably a ratio of width to diameter and rim weight among other factors.

(Mk1 Yoyos) #20

Haven’t played it. The only CLWY I have is a Compass, which has a profile similar to your moose, but a very different cup.