Enough rim weight?


Quality control. Checking all the dimensions to make sure they don’t exceed tolerance

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Oh yeah, I wasn’t sure if there was another acronym for QC, thank you :pray:

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Should’ve seen my first design :joy:

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It’s fine, Thanks for the feedback though. You definitely should try one when you get the chance too.


BvM2 is an excellent yo-yo

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Couldn’t agree any less. My actual bvm2 is in one of my shoe pictures. I love the 28 stories



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Why the :thinking:

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I think @Myk_Myk put that emoji up because the phrase is “couldn’t agree any more” , not less. Couldn’t agree any less means you dont agree with whatever you are referring to.

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Oh wait :man_facepalming:. Also the design is different, this is an old thread