England1414 Anodizing - HUGE Anodize update! 6/22/14


It really depends on the throw. For example there were a LOT of mangaroos and 33 1/3 made in this colorway. Ive always considered the white with rainbow splash the rarest recrev colorway.
@MYNAMEISZen: aman anodizes for recrev


oh I had no idea :slight_smile: if I ever start a company he’ll definatley be receiving a few to ano :wink:


It’s seems like the rest on the list got something extra special!


new anodize!!


They look incredible. I can’t believe how much better the Torrent 2 looks now!!


another new Anodize!!!


Mullicabob got black. Plain old black???

Is there anything special about ththat black YYR??


Great work, you are very talented. Or the machine is…


Your anodizes are getting more amazing every time! Only thing is, is it really ok to be doing 28s? It is CLYWs most known color way.


I wouldn’t say that’s exactly the same as 28S because it Dosnt have the white acid wash. And so Long as it’s not on a CLYW it should be fine


Still safe to shoot CLYW an email, they may not like him profiting from their design


I’ve gotta give him props, that 28s on the Skywalker looks exactly like the one on 28s Peaks.


So I wouldn’t normally chime in on something like this because so many other people make valid points, but I reckon you can’t really restrict colorschemes otherwise soon there’d be none left. I’d also say that Delirium Dive looks very much like a colorway on a Chupacabra and so I don’t think it’ll be an issue with the colors, but I think the crucial point here may just be not to call it 28 Stories. Simply call it a nice blueish redish colorway. It’s funny I feel like I was just reading about an issue similar to this in another thread…

Oh and just for the OP, they all look freaking amazing. Effort.


I dont think the color matters, just that he actually called it 28 stories


yeah, i was very reluctant to do this anodize due to that very reason :confused: i never like to copy well known colorways, and good point, I will not call it a 28 stories as that is not my name and I did not “come up” with that design. Thanks for the good points guys!


Blue w/red splash should save you from any trouble :wink:


Yup. It spins when you throw it.


I mean is the coat special or feel special?


Looks like a matte smooth beadblast. Similar to the feel of a powdercoat is how I’d imagine it. Either way looks killer.


new anodizes coming today!