eli hops from a 1.5 mount?

dose anybody know haw to do it, i can already do asian pops and regular eli hops, but cant seem to pop the yoyo out and land back in 1.5:/
could somone make a tut or explian what im doing wrong?

If you are referring to upwards 1.5 Eli hops, all you do is do one hop and undercut of the string (like in black hops,) and just eli hop from that.

If you are referring to downwards 1.5 Eli hops, then do this.

1.5 Eli hops are very similar to regular Eli hops.

  1. Go into a 1.5 mount
  2. Dismount the yoyo from the mount (by spinning the yoyo counter clockwise [if right handed] around your TH index.) Note: this should leave you to where the string is draped around your NTH and TH fingers.
  3. Move your hands together to make the yoyo go down slightly.
  4. Pull your hands apart (not to fast, you might string burn) and remount into a 1.5.

Note: In the trick itself, the only place you want to stop is when the yoyo goes down, and when it hits into the mount. The dismounting and hands moving together/hands moving apart and remounting should be fluid.

Hope that helps: TEAmPownage

[size=10pt][size=10pt][i]thank you soooooo much i can do it!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D