Einstein & Pearl

So… a couple months ago I’d picked up the Pearl ILYY E1NS, and shortly thereafter… like wicked shortly, i received a pre-order ILYY x RSO E1NSTiEN… having performed about an hour of playtime with Pearl, and 15 minutes with Einstein (monikers to be discussed soon) … I was asked suddenly asked by a dear, dear friend about my experience with Einstein…

I wanted to be honest, but the pressure was on… supplies were dwindling. And quite honestly, I wanted to be quite honest with the brief affair I’d had with the pair to this point. So, i was…

I’ve provided the below narrative and imagery to a handful of friends since… every so often it gives me a chuckle, maybe it will you… but really… it’s the explanation behind ‘einstein’

If you figure out what the double-entendre is in the last line that i have in ‘quotes’, I’ll give you something…


should i PM what i think “racy” means? lmao. :joy:


I love the E1NSTiEN.

I mean…I LOVE it. It plays like some sort of magic artifact from another world being so stable at its size. Such a prestine feeling. Comfy. Sounds glorious. Its one of my "expensive " yoyos that truely lives up to its price point.

Thanks for the write up @fatguysnacks247


" it plays like some sort of magic artifact"

This is the best way I’ve heard to describe this thing.


It’s what it sounds like; they’re about to race. In these situations it’s polite to let the girl win…


That was a really entertaining write up @fatguysnacks247, please do more like this!

I am assuming you are referring to :thinking: :

  • The two couple has undressed their strings to show their bare naked self and now kissing passionately, perhaps more than just kissing in a risqué sexually charged manner.
  • By peeling off their string wraps you can see the bearing “race”

Hence “racy”?

Hehe do I get an Ilyy or a RSO now? :laughing:


bingo @MoonageMin!!! the strings slipping off exposing themselves… and exposing (almost) the bearing race… i love you @MoonageMin!

and thank you sir :grin:


Rather clever use of words, it was actually quite immediately apparent so I sat there second guessing myself.

So which fine lady do you have for me? :rofl:
Is it a FatGuySnacks Cookie? please tell me it’s one of your specials

I do enjoy a good clever use of wordplay, thank you.

Love you too babe.

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